Who would you choose?

Free People February catalog is here, and this time it stars none other than the fiercely beautiful, Freja Beha Erichsen. She takes on each of the brand’s girl types: Candy, Meadow, Ginger, Lou, and Molly – who is now being introduced to the public for the very first time. The fashion changes with each girl, from Lou’s graphic tees and sporty touches, to Candy’s polar opposite frilly and flirty dresses. Each girl has her own unique style, but unanimous across the board is that free-spirited quality possessed by every Free People woman. Photographer Joshua Allen captured Freja as she delved into each girl type and embodied what makes them strong, confident, and stylish figures.

Candy is pretty and loves to wear intricate detail, lace, crochet, and fairytale fabrics. She loves anything that looks like it belongs in an old English tea house. On the weekends, you’d find her riding a bike through the city, or heading to watch old movies at the cinema.

Ginger is aware of her beauty and embraces a sexy style. Body conscious, party girl, who always seems to find herself with an occasion to dress up, put on some heels, and flutter her lashes. Her coolness exudes confidence.

Lou is our guy’s girl – a tomboy with a feminine side. She’s the type of girl who can roll out of bed and throw on cutoffs and a t-shirt, and walk out the door without any make-up. The key to her style is being ready to hop on her skateboard or bike at a moment’s notice and disappear in a cloud of dust.

Meadow is our bohemian girl who wears loose, flowing tops, and dresses that catch the breeze as she roams the earth in search of inspiration. She mixes patterns and prints, and piles on jewelry with a handmade, natural touch. On her feet are moccasins or sandals, but she’d rather be barefoot.

Molly has a classic retro look. She loves tipping and pleating along with peter pan collars and preppy details. Her reserved personality reeks of confidence. You’ll see her walking elegantly in a city or perched in and old library soaked into a deep novel wearing ladylike pieces with a cool twist.

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