Meet the Winner


Few weeks ago Fashionwithus got friendly with men’s style posts and articles.

We gladly introduce now our first fashion designer in this topic Daniel Benus who won the best young fashion designer award in The Fashion Awards Hungary in 2011.

 “I’m serious, my goal is to create comfortable and wearable pieces all of the time.”



When did you decide to become a fashion designer? Were you interested in fashion as a child?

I think it all starts the same for designers. Sometimes in primary school or even in nursery school they decide to work with clothes. In my case, the decision was made during my last class in primary school when I fell in love with Cowboy outfits. I was born and raised in a small town and over there it’s quite a brave thing to decide to become a fashion designer. My parents were very supportive, so they told me to go to Budapest to start my studies at an art school. I feel lucky for my parents’ decision.

Where did you start your studies?

I spent my first 5 years studying textile design at the Secondary School of Visual Arts, after which I went to the faculty of leather design. There, I learnt the basics of shoemaking.

The school was very liberal, not taking things so seriously with the scientific subjects, however, we spent a lot of time practicing our future profession, even by going to school on Saturdays.

As far as I know, you started off as a shoe designer first, and then you switched to clothes. When did you create your first collection?

In high school I designed women’s clothes, then from the 5th grade I started a men’s’ line.

I created my first men’s collection two years ago, in 2010. Myself, Gábor Miklós Szőke (- contemporary sculptor) and Kata Szegedi (-fashion designer) organized a showroom for Christmas, which was the perfect time for me to come out with my first men’s’ collection, which turned out to be a huge success.
I am still interested in shoe design, but in Hungary it is very difficult to make a living solely as a shoe designer.

When you’re thinking about your new collection, what are your main guidelines? Do you follow international trends or do you aim for simplicity and wearability?

Actually both. Naturally, I follow international trends, because I believe that as a designer I need to know them, but this should not be the only inspiration. My aim is not to create clothes only for today’s trends; my goal is to create timeless pieces.

What inspires you the most?

A lot of things, but my main inspirations are my travels. Nowadays, unfortunately I have very little time to travel, but I’m always searching for new things to see. If I spend the whole year in Budapest, then watching a good film, going to exhibitions, listening to music. .. I can get inspiration from many things!

How do you use personal aspects? What kind of man is in your mind when you are creating a piece of clothing? Who do you see wearing your pieces of art?

Personal aspects always exist, since creative people who are all managing their career nicely surround me all the time. They’re the ones inspiring me. People whom I can imagine wearing my clothes.

Do you have favorite designers? How about yourself: do you wear your own designs or pieces from other designers?

My day-to-day clothes can be from other Hungarian designers whose work I like wearing, but I also include well-known brands, like H&M.

Actually I have a lot of favorite designers, such as Stefano Pilati since he’s been at YSL, there are a few good Asian designers and I also love McQueen’s creations and much, much more!
I’m in love with old things! I like going to antique markets, where I look at the clothes because there you can certainly find incredible things.

What do you think of Hungarians’ dressing habits? When people go to your and Kata Szegedi’s showrooms, do they look for the extravagant pieces, or they prefer to go with more reserved pieces?

Overall, I noticed that most people still go for less noticeable pieces. This may be because in the past the trend happened to be that everyone’s outfits look similar. Today’s trend is that everyone wants to be unique and this is coming into our country too. Even men and young people are becoming more open to new things, becoming more sensitive to fashion.

The fact is that catching up with developed countries’ fashion trends will take quite a lot of time, for Hungary this is a process, which comes to us from the west. We can notice more fashion while walking the streets and actually I don’t mind if someone expresses herself with clothes.

Tell us how your day goes when you are in your planning phase!

This period contains several parts. There are days when I’m at home and make sketches, then other days when I hang around at the library and I search the internet, or I look for materials going from one place to another, which is quite time consuming.

I have to find more and more professionals. For instance, in my following collection I would like to create knitted clothes, for those I need a qualified professional, then I would search for someone good for the leather parts, I need to find people with whom I can work well with it, so it all becomes more and more complicated, day by day.

In your previous collection (2011-2012 Fall / Winter) what was important for you, how much did you play with matching materials?

There was a male model type who inspired me the most; this is also a personal motivation. I paid attention to harmonizing materials. I chose wool and silk fabrics, I left the colors low-key; I used gray and different shades of grey. On the show there were a couple of other details, receiving orange shades, but those ones weren’t for sale.

I didn’t have any specific inspiration, never really had, I always start planning with my own drawings, and then I get inspired and create a full collection. I’m serious, my goal is to create comfortable and wearable pieces all of the time.

What do you want to accomplish in the future? Would you like to open to foreign markets?

One of my big dreams is to continue my studies, because it is still something that I haven’t progressed in yet.
I would love to open up for foreign markets, especially when it comes to selling, because this is a major thing for getting my brand well known outside the country.

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