“The Name Says it All”

Interview with Ange Sándorfi

Two girls, one of them is from Paris, the other is Hungarian, talking about fashion in English. It might sound confusing, but it is not. We speak the same language and I knew we were going to understand each other perfectly, at the minute I stepped in this shop, full of amazing and unique clothes, shoes and accessories. I was interviewing Ange Sándorfi, the creator of Ourstyle Boutique and Webstore (Budapest), whose desperate shopping tour turned into „store opening”.

Interview made by Lili Selmeci

Photographed by: Dániel Tóth-Lőrincz

How would you present us Ourstyle Boutique? What is the concept of the store?

The idea was to try to support hungarian designers locally and abroad. Actually I was not familiar with them, but then I met my partner Dóri, (Henger Dóra) who explained me that they didn’t really have the luck, the windows to open to new markets. So we tried to do that first online, then offline- which is working better than online so far, but maybe in the future it will be reversed. So yes, the idea was to allow them to show their fashion, their products, their collections in other places than private showrooms which is quite confidential.

Where did the idea come from? Did you already know these designers?

No, no, absolutely not. When I came to Budapest, I thought there was no fashion at all. I was desperately looking for places to shop and couldn’t find any. Then came the idea to open a shop and then I realised that I needed somebody local, because the culture, the working environment is very different. Then I met my actual partner Dóri, who explained me: yes there is hungarian fashion, but you have to buy it in apartments, in tiny showrooms. She showed me these showrooms and introduced me to those designers. By that time she knew them already and she was also trying to do that but she had no money and no possibility or time to spend on building a webstore. So that’s how it started.

Why did you choose hungarian designers?

Because I was thinking as a costumer, and Dóri, I know that she wanted to support something from her own culture.  My part is a little bit more commercial, as a costumer, I was wondering what was missing here and what was missing abroad. Basically this is good fashion for cheaper price than abroad. So I thought it would be wiser to invest in promoting them, then importing product of lower quality more expensive. I also appriciate the fact, that they are trying really hard and there is very little money, so they always try to compensate with ideas. I also like these desingers as well as people.

Now you work with about how many of them?

In the store i think we have 31, online about 24. Not all of them is online because we are a small team and we are always late with updatings. We have a waiting list too, with those people who contact us. Me, I’m visiting visiting stores, supporting brands, so there are also more young designers I’d want to contact. So I would say an average of 25 right now.

So you are planning to work with more designers, right?

Yes, absolutely. We also think we should work better with the ones we have already. It has bad sides too, beacuse the more designers we have, the less special they become and the less care we can take about all of them. Some of them, I’d really like to support heavily like promoting them specially but as we have so many of them it’s not always possible.

So you’re saying that it is important for you to take care about all the designers, to show their creations and support them the same way?

Absolutely. Usually if I like the brand I also like the person. I’m very very touched by those young designers, really struggling. It’s not a good periode to launch a business especially in fashion. So yes, if we can help, it’s very nice. What is really nice too, is that I think that the hungarian fashion designers are well known only in the fashion industry in Budapest. I think we already made them one change: I had dinner with a hungarian girl a couple of days ago, she has really nothing to do with fashion. She didn’t know exactly who I was, what I was doing and she told me about this store in Mamut and that I got to know there are good hungarian fashion designers. That I like a lot. I think it’s very nice.

What other plans do you have for the future?

The idea is anyway to grow, to have several stores in the future, to be a bigger team, so hopefully we will be able to support these deigners well and a big number of them. We would also like to have a store working really well, and really healthy online business as well. I think that online business is the first step for designers to go abroad. We have sells abroad already, but considering the fact that we are not communicating abroad, I think that’s great. This is a medium term- longer term development. The idea first is to have a shop working well and to work more on the website. I can also imagine in the future to have several stores, having branches abroad. But for that we should find someone who is supporting us (laughs).


Posted and made by fashionwithus