Reka Vago had a dream. And how lucky we are she did! For her, it means a fabulous career, for us: beautiful shoes and accessories! It is no longer a secret, that we are soon sharing the „own rekavago shelf” privilege with our fellow men. Among other interesting stories, this is what the more and more successful shoe designer told us about, who makes her dreams come true with each new collection she makes.

Interview made by Lili Selmeci

Portrait by Zoltán Sárosi / Campaign photos by Zsófia Heisler/ Accessories photos by Tamás Réthey-Prikkel

What does a shoe tell about the person wearing it? Do you think we can talk about such a thing?

Although we might think the shoe is „only” an accessory, it tells a lot about the one who’s wearing it. I usually say that, the shoe becomes truly ready, when it has already picked up the shape of the foot. From the fashion and state of it, you can tell how often the owner wears it, maybe you can even find out what kind of job the person has .This is especially important in business life. In Japan, for example, if someone starts a new job, it is really unfortunate to show up in brand new shoes, because people think, the person is trying too hard to make a good impression, which is suspicious. Of course it is not good when the shoe is very worn-out, because that is also a negative impression. The ideal state is somewhere between the two, even when it’s new, but you see it’s been already worn. It is also important about the shoe to be groomed.

 As a personal experience I must say rekavago shoes really are comfortable. It seems like this is especially important to you.

Yes, comfort is important. I think a shoe should be wearable. I would never want it to occur, that somebody buys one of my shoes, and then just keeps in the wardrobe, looking at it and saying “ oh, how I love these shoes, but they’re so uncomfortable!” I would like to design reliable high heels. It is a positive feedback for me, when I see my shoes worn on the street. I design them to be worn. Of course there is something statue like in some of my models, but this is not to be understood that it is impossible to wear them.


What inspires you Reka?

When I am preparing myself for a new collection, I see things quite differently. These days, my brain functions as kind of a filter. Of course I do not shut out anything consciously. It can be a color, an outfit, a person, a movie or an exhibition, that impresses me so, that I plan my next collection in the spirit of it. This is when I go to art exhibitions with my brother, that I really like doing. What is important, that on both side of the process, I mean in the part of reception and in „doing”, there is big job. You may say that this is a creative process. Of course, it works differently than like at my artist brother, Szabolcs.

Great pleasure for lots of us, that your men’s collection is coming soon, what would you tell us about it?

In my collections till now, there appeared already some male models. What I see at men’s shoes in general is that between sport shoes from and casual footwear categories, you don’t really find products on the market. Though, I see the claim at many of my men friends. Let them also have an own rekavago shelf, with comfortable, loose pieces that last. This is all possible because I don’t specifically design flaming shoes with like rhinestone, or feathers, which would make it impossible to do men’s shoes as well.

Not so long ago, you made a common jewelry collection with Kárpáti Róbert (artist) based on a dream you had. Is that really to be understood literally?

I have known Robi for quite a while ago, although we haven’t met before. Finally I met him personally at a wedding of a common friend. After that I went to his gallery, we’ve been discussing what about making a collection together. I told him about a recent dream of mine, about a forest with fabled mushrooms. The collection is heavily inspired by this dream, for example this is where the idea of using wood accessories came from – that we adapted to Robi’s models. Me, I rely on my dreams very often, they help me a lot. I keep dreaming about going up an escalator that leads to a huge shoe department! 🙂

As I see, this fairytale atmosphere appears not only at the jewelries but in your shoe collections too. What is your opinion about it? Is it a conscious decision?

As you say that, I would imagine a completely different collection, with all lacy and foamy things. It also shows how different we are. That’s the reason why most of the personal orders are difficult for me. The client thinks about one certain thing, which, in my mind, is something totally different, but in some cases the clients just give me an idea and let me work on the project and at the end they are satisfied whit what they get. My design might look fabled because I use a lot of colors. I really like colorful pieces.

From the outside your career itself is like a dream come true. How does it look from your side?

For outsiders it may really look like a straightforward way. My friends often say, “You always knew what you wanted!” Yes, I somehow got this direction right away. Fortunately, my parents really let me unfold even as a little girl, when they noticed how much I loved doing creative things. I attended an art school and I used to do ballroom dancing. Seems I was predestined for shoe designing. Wherever my life took me, I always returned to this in the end. Afterwards I was studying at Moholy-Nagy University of Art. I have been attending this school for 13 years on now, with little breaks and I’ll be soon finishing the doctorate degree. Of course, me too I have my own dilemmas and fights with myself. I am a Capricorn and I think that says it all. There are of course some moments in my life when I would just to let it all go. Then I always realize it’s worth working even 14 hours a day because I like doing it.

What are your plans and expectations of 2012?

I would like my products to be available in more and more places. In 2012 I would rather like to expand in Europe, maybe Russia included. And of course Japan. I love Japan. In my 2012 spring-summer collection there will be lots of flowers, and the autumn-winter collections will be just wonderful everywhere in colors. But this is all I can tell you right now, no more (laughs) at least until February.

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