Sarolta Kiss 
Designer @NON+ 

Her wish is to make people happy and feel themselves comfortable. Reach out for those who love life, who are free at heart.

“I would like them to feel truly well, comfortable and chilled. Be themselves, spontaneous, free and easy.” Sarolta Kiss @NON+


Tell us a little about your brand “non+” & how you came up with the name?

The name NON+ arose from the ‘nature of the clothes’. They are very pure and simple in point of their material and cutting. There is no ornament, nothing plus, this is why it is NON+ J. Less is sometimes more.

How did you get started? Did you study something in particular or are you self-taught? 

I have not studied fashion design. However, I was always aware of my own needs and these wished pieces I was not able to get a hold on anywhere in the stores. This was the reason why I have decided to come up with my own designs.

I had the image of the brand in my head straight right from the start. When buying a certain NON+ garment I wanted the customer to attain not only a simple cotton dress but something precious that represents a PLUS for the wearer. In my point of view, the feeling of speciality shall not come through the use of laces, overflowing patterns or a lashing of colours but through the minimal graphic or typography, the quality materials and the art of finishing. By so, I believe, the garments allow the owners to really make them their own since they can fill them up with their own personality.

I have begun with small-scale, produced only few piece of each type. However, with the very first designs I have already started to set up the direction that turned into the guidelines of NON+ by today. I am happy to wear each of these garments every day.

Please tell us more about your design background and what made you become a designer? 

I come from an artist family which is a crucial influence. My mother is a sculptress and my father is a painter. The creative atmosphere is sort of natural to me. It is not strange at all that somebody who grew up in a family like this becomes a graphic and inner designer and starts designing clothes as a hobby. The need for steady creation comes natural to me and I do not mind dedicating time and energy for the relating work-processes. It is probably so because I love what I am doing.

What do you feel are the most important skills for a fashion designer to have/develop?

In my opinion a designer has to be self-driven, self-aware, self-motivated. He has to have the need and ability for self-improvement and has to keep the optimism. Simply phrased: he has to have trust in himself and in what he is doing.

Who, in the fashion world, would you say has had the biggest influence on you? 

Boris Bidjan Saberi

What do you hope to achieve with the label? 

In point of customers: I would like to reach out for those who love life, who are free at heart. I would like them not just to wear these garments but to really make them their own, to fill them with their personality and wear them with a smile on their face J

More earth-bound and practical wishes: an own showroom in Budapest and more reseller abroad. This is exactly what we are working on nowadays.

How do you intend women to feel when wearing NON+ labeled clothing? 

I would like them to feel truly well, comfortable and chilled. Be themselves, spontaneous, free and easy. This way the NON+ label fulfils its mission. I could not wish for more.

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