Fashionwithus has made an interview with Janelle Okwodu, editor at, which is one of our favourite fashion site. I was lucky enough to meet her personally in Budapest at VM Supermodel event. Thank you!

What made you decide in life that you wanted to be part of the fashion industry?

I’ve always been drawn to anything visual – arts, film, interior design, etc. and I think that fashion is an extension of that. When I was a child I would pour over old issues of Vogue and Allure, trying to learn everything – the designers, the models, even the locations of the shoots. I was just so fascinated by the world that fashion creates, the beauty of those images and that lifestyle. In some ways I feel like my working in fashion was really inevitable.

What is your fashion background?

I started doing various internships while in college and moved my way up the ladder. In the time that I’ve been here I’ve been able to do a lot of things – shoot backstage at the shows, cast a fashion week presentation, interview some of my heroes and meet a lot of really interesting people.

How did you get to where you are today?

Hard work and a whole lot of luck.

How many years of experience so you have as a fashion editor?

Just 4, I’m still a newbie.

What is a typical work day for you?

Wake up, check social media and all the blogs, make to see if there is anything special that has happened while I was asleep – sometimes I wish I could stay up 24 hours! After that I go through my email, check in with our team & contributors to plan for upcoming week. Then it is all about generating content and working to create posts – either for that day, or for the foreseeable future. Most of the time I’ll also find time to do an interview during the day, check out an interesting new beauty launch, or meet a new face as well.

What’s the best thing about being a fashion editor?

Getting to participate in an industry that I’ve always admired and I continue to find exciting, inspiring. It is one thing to look at things from a far and another to actively engage in them – there are highs and lows, but every so often I have a moment that seems like something out of a dream. I nearly fainted the first time I met Gisele…

What got you involved with Magazine?

I had always been a fan of the site and I felt like I was check it forever before I actually started working here. I’m a newshound so I’m constantly on various sites refreshing them and waiting for the latest updates – was definitely one of those sites I practically lived on! My good friend Vicky, introduced me to the team, and for that I’ll forever be grateful!

Who else do you work with on a freelance basis?

My lips are sealed! But we’re launching a new beauty blog very, very soon!

Do you have any fashion icon?

I have a lot of people I admired and respect in the industry, either for their personal style or their innate creativity. I look at someone like Carine Roitfeld and I am consistently blown away by her commitment to innovation. It doesn’t heart too that never fails to be flawlessly dressed when you see her. Women like Suzy Menkes, Cathy Horyn, and Jane Larkworthy are also sources of inspiration.

If we’re talking just about whose closet I want to raid, I absolutely love everything Shala Monroque has worn, Linda Fargo of Bergdorf Goodman is absolutely amazing, Giovanna Battaglia, the list goes on.

For more Hollywood sorts, I really love Tilda Swinton’s look – all that Haider Ackermann is to die for.  Léa Seydoux is incredible, mid-90s Winona Ryder and all her amazing vintage Gres…

How would you describe your personal style?

Dreadfully boring! I am a bit of a classicist, so I’m always in awe of those true fashion risk takers. I have a mild (read: completely out of of control) handbag addiction and I’m constantly adding to my collection. I like simple, elegant, well made clothing and if you can top it off with a stellar accessory that is even better.

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